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Decision making is the most important activity in anyone’s life. No matter which position in a company you hold, you have to make decisions on daily basis. The more responsible your position, the more difficult the decisions are. Choosing the right supplier, deciding on future investments or about closing down an office – these are all momens that can make or break your career.

Many scientific disciplines have put the area of decision making under scrutiny and these include mathematics, cybernetics or cognitive psychology. The findings of these disciplines prompted the idea to establish the Institute of Decision Making. When we compared the research results with real-life situations in many companies and institutions, we realized the great potential of developing decision making skills in everyday life.

Our original method of work is based on combining two approaches to decision making which so far seemed as contradictory. Analytical-mathematical approach (technical and economic methods) and experiential-intuitive approach (real-life experiences) seemingly oppose each other. However, we come up with a fusion of these two approaches. We offer our clients an opportunity to verify through a series of consultations whether they are using appropriate decision making techniques with regards to the specific situations they are dealing with. As part of IDM training, our clients can develop their decision making skills. And as part of a personality-type diagnosis, everyone can find out what decision making strategies he or she prefers and what his or her decisions tend to be like.

Moreover, IDM also carries out research projects in this area. We aim to find out how decision making in stress situation works (area of Naturalistic Decision Making). We also explore the differences in decision making between men and women, in their attitudes towards risk and how these differences can impact the corporate culture.

Cooperation with IDM will enable you to find the best decision making technique for you. We can’t make decisions for you but we can ensure that you have followed the correct procedure to reach that decision.


Yours sincerely,
Tomáš Vašák & Zuzana Holá