"A direct link with research enables to derive benefits from the latest knowledge."

We offer and focus on following kinds of research:

• Basic research
We aim on the area of naturalistic decision making, specifically we focus on pilot's decision making in ambiguous and difficult situations. We work on this topic together with professor Peter Ayton, City University London and captain Vladislav Pružina with Czech Airlines ČSA.

• Applied research
IDM applied research is focused on investigating solutions to practical problems in decision–making area. The goal is to propose measures, interventions and programmes which purpose is to improve conditions in the focused area. The employment of neural network and fuzzy systems in marketing and consumer's behavoir is one of examples of this approach.

• Action research
IDM action research is concerned with solving of local practical problem which is usually not neutral in its values and usually supports a specific change or enhances a specific group. An investigation of behavoiral streotypes in decision-making and risk propensity together with gender differences and gender influences on decision-making is one of the topics. This kind of research may support a women role in organisation and management.

• Evaluation research
IDM evaluation research is focused on judgments and evaluations of empirical dates using modern mathematical methods.