"To make good decisions underlies the performance growth.“

The successfulness of decison-making process is basicly influenced by following factors:

  1. the personality of decision-maker,
  2. the type of problem,
  3. the situation in which is decision-making going on.


Hence participants identify their decision-making styles first and also their preferences on decision-making strategies - Test IDM Typology©. Further on participants go through different kind of problems (as are well structured problems and badly defined problems) and learn to employ different decision- making strategies in relation to problem type. With specific case studies presented on training, partcipants learn to recognise when and why is it good and effective to use analytical approach or on the contrary to read their intuition or simulate probality matching etc. Automacity and heuristics in the process of decision-making are also described.

The latest techniques will be shown in separate simulations (as are neuronal networks, fuzzy logic, probability matching, etc.).